Monday, November 7, 2016

Traveling to Boise Idaho

My son Rodmond took me on a road trip to Boise, Idaho to visit his brother my oldest son Walter and his family. It was a relaxing and fun trip. We stopped in M…… overnight and did some gambling. Rod showed me how to play poker on those gambling machines, so much fun. I lost $5.00 Rod only lost $2.00. The next morning after breakfast we took off for Boise.

Walter and Veronika were waiting for us, Jesse and Janine were in Church. Oh yes, we arrived in Boise on a Sunday. The first impression of their property and home was so unexpected. Beautifully landscaped and enclosed by high fences with a gate which makes it look like a little estate. Actually, the home sits on about 2 acres. Walter and Veronika added a huge master suite, a to die for bathroom which includes a tub with jets and a sauna. A Living room/music room also was added to the original 3 bedroom house.

After Rod cooked this great breakfast the next morning, Rod and I went sightseeing. Boise built a European style village with beautiful gardens and a big fountain which was music driven, the sprays went up and down by the tunes. We thought the music was a little loud. The stores and restaurants all had a European flair. We loved walking through it and sitting on one of the benches to relax. Flowers everywhere!

Jesse and Janine off to school
Back at Walter’s home, Walter and Rod worked on window frames to get ready for Walters next project. The girls went to school and Veronika and I got better acquainted.

The time went by so fast and we were back on our way toward California. Rod decided we should drive all the way to my home in Healdsburg, it took us 11 hours, not bad. Rod stayed about two hours and left for his home in Sacramento. I am forever grateful that I got to go and see how my oldest son and family are doing. It was a wonderful relaxing and scenic trip.

Less than 18 hours later I got sick. I ate a yoghurt which was in the hot car for almost 8 hours and got a staff food poisoning infection, yikes, how to spoil the homecoming.

The Big Surprise:

Three weeks ago I received another surprise. My children bought me a new car, a Fiat 500 Sport, black. I still am in awe. They been talking about how I need a new car for almost a year and I kept saying no. At some point over the last month my daughter Heidi says: “Mom it is not your decision anymore”, wow. My thoughts were, ok this will pass and everyone is going to be happy with the way things are. Boy was I wrong. The surprise was total and we will try and post the video so you all can see my face when I was handed the keys to the car. Heidi and Bill and Rod where the ones who got the ball rolling. When I saw Heidi and Bill and our friend Josie besides me at that parked car which had a for sale sign saying: “FOR SALE YOU SHOULD BUY THIS FOR YOUR MOTHER”; I laughed at that and then Bill steps forward and says: “Maybe they did”.  I was so flustered. I got to drive the car to my home with Bill besides me explaining all the buttons, ha, ha. We all went home and Rod cooked lunch. Heidi and Bill had to leave for home after lunch which is in Santa Cruz and Rod decided he was leaving also. Neal was the one who directed Rod to the parking lot where the Fiat was parked. Neal of course also went home, he lives here in Healdsburg.

After everyone left I had myself a good cry! The generosity of my children overwhelmed me and still does. I am forever grateful for my thoughtful children.

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