Monday, August 8, 2016

Celebrating 81 Years

July, 2016/ Celebrating 81 Years!

It is a good day to write if I can just get my head around it. I been avoiding my manuscript! Perhaps I am afraid that my book will bomb but I will never know unless I finish it will I? It is time to change my attitude and my time management. Making a new schedule for writing is the first thing I need to do. Stick with it every day and voila, I will finish it. I am retired and have the time. Unfortunately, I always find a different project to do, more physical than sitting at the computer. The sun is peeking out and it will be a very warm day.

My 81st Birthday was July 15, and my daughter Heidi was here one day before my Birthday. Heidi took me for a facial which was fun, even though I am not fond of facials.

Bill, Heidi’s husband came on my Birthday so did Rod and of course Neal. We had a great time. Chinese was on the menu at the 8 Dragon Restaurant and it was good. Saturday morning Heidi and Rod made breakfast. Then, Bill, Rod and Neal left. Heidi and I went shopping and Heidi left for Santa Cruz on Sunday Morning.

I feel blessed. My other children and grandchildren called. My home was filled with flowers from my children and friends. Cards galore, I really do like my birthday, ha, ha.

Weekends are strange when I am alone, I really do not know why but they seem more lonely, even though I am alone most of the time. I also have not been very social for the last couple of years, not healthy they tell me!

Slowly but steadily I am evolving again and will entertain more and also travel some. Las Vegas and Boise are on my bucket list and I hope one of my children will travel with me in the next year or two. I feel bad that I disappointed Walter for not being in Boise for his Birthday which was in April.

Heidi had a Birthday July 28 (she’s past 40 years old), oh boy no wonder I feel so old some of the time.

Neal had a Birthday on August 1 (he’s past 50 years old).

July ended with a sad note. Kurt passed on 17 years ago on July 29. August also has sadness my husband Marc my children’s father passed on 40 years ago on August 23.

As for a favorite recipe that all my children and Marc loved is in my blog: The California Adventure 1982-1996 I believe it is blog number four.

The recipe is: “SIGRID’S CHILI”

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