Monday, July 27, 2015

80th Birthday Surprises

My Birthday was full of surprises, it was a wonderful two days full of fun. Heidi, Rod, Neal and my friend Josie were not telling what was in store for me.

Surprise, surprise, Bill came after work all the way from San Jose so he could join in the festivities. The festivities were at Josie and Kim’s home. The backyard was all decorated and a beautifully set table awaited us. Rod and Josie joined efforts to produce a wonderful meal with salmon, steak, roasted potatoes and a wonderful corn salad. Josie and Kim’s children Everly and Ely helped serve and were part of the fun.  An Almond Birthday Cake was the highlight and of course Champagne for Mama. Gifts were part of the surprises - the biggest one a balloon ride over Sonoma and Napa County from my beautiful and thoughtful children.

The next morning, before 6 am, Heidi and I took off to Santa Rosa Airport to meet with the pilot of our balloon. Michael is his name - he had to drive us up to Lake County because Santa Rosa was all fogged in. The one hour country road drive was beautiful. Through all the years I lived in Healdsburg I have never driven in that direction.

Once we arrived, the balloon was unloaded and Michael and staff started to get the balloon ready for takeoff. We all watched of course, took pictures and some of the men pitched in - it was a labor of love and adventure. Once ready, we started to climb into the basket. Well, I was the oldest and had a hard time getting up into the basket. Helping hands were lifting and pushing me into the basket, kind of embarrassing, but I was grateful for the help. There was no way I would have given up this adventure.

The view over Sonoma and Napa County is awesome. If you have not done it, do it for the fun and adventure. I did it and it is off my bucket list, yahoo.

Coming back home I got another surprise: my son Rodmond painted my living room and put the room back together. This put a big smile on my face.

Three things are off my bucket list and my goal for next year is to get that book published which is more than half ready. Writer’s block has been the culprit.

However, I know I can overcome that with some effort. Here is to stopping procrastination and getting on the ball, ha, ha.

The rest of my children and grandchildren could not be here but of course phone calls were on the agenda.

No recipe this time! Will post pictures from my two day Birthday celebration. This is one Birthday I will never forget. Thank you all!

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